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Jim Zhang
Jim Zhang, Executive Director, Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Happy autumn to our members! I hope you have been able to take some time out of your busy schedules to enjoy the autumn leaves. This season tends to be a busy time at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCCJ), and we have many great events planned including, of course, the flagship Maple Leaf Gala, which was held on November 2.

Invest and Include

In this issue of The Canadian, we want to highlight the visit of Ian McKay, CEO of Invest in Canada, and his delegation to Japan.

With the ratification of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership looming, Canada is even more of an attractive location for Japanese investment. Canada’s unique relationship with United States and European markets, its resources, highly skilled labour market and its mature and stable economy make our country an ideal partner for Japan.

We also want to highlight a point of advocacy for the CCCJ in this issue. For the first time ever, in collaboration with the LLAN (Lawyers for LGBT and Allies Network) and the American, Australian and New Zealand, British, Irish and Danish chambers of commerce in Japan, the CCCJ jointly published the advocacy viewpoint on supporting equal marriage rights in Japan.

The six foreign chambers believe that equal marriage rights are good for business, and will make Japan a more competitive environment to attract human resources. In the lead up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, which has as its official slogan “The Most Inclusive Games Ever,” we believe in a Vision 2020 to support Japan in its struggle for marriage equality.

Vision 2020

Speaking of Vision 2020, this also happens to have been the official theme of this year’s Maple Leaf Gala.

Vision 2020 represents the Chamber’s vision leading up to the 2020 Games. However, Vision 2020 is more than just the Games themselves. It is a vision of the future, people coming together, friendly sport, celebration, assistance and the creation of memories.

The Canada–Japan business community believes in a bright vision for our future: involving our two great nations, across all fields of collaboration. We want to show that, not only is Canada a good business partner for Japan, but an ideal one. We want to show that 2020 will be only the beginning of increased commercial partnerships between organizations of our two countries. We want to show it is a better time than ever before to encourage the next generation to study and work in each other’s countries, to learn from each other and to build more bridges.

“Vision 2020 is more than just the Games themselves. It is a vision of the future, people coming together, friendly sport, celebration, assistance and the creation of memories.”

Whether you are in finance, or banking, an engineer or a teacher, a small business owner or a “salaryman” — a strong Canada–Japan relationship will benefit all, and a strong Canada–Japan Vision 2020 will help make our vision for the future a reality.

To celebrate our friendship, our collaborations, our partnership and our future together, the CCCJ Gala Committee once again put together a brilliant evening of hospitality, surprise, music and wonderful Canadian food and beverages. We were glad that you could join us, and thank you for your continued support of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan!

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