Business in Japan TV (BIJ.TV)

BIJ.TV provides an interesting and entertaining view into the world of Business in Japan. All videos are bilingual, featuring Japanese or English subtitles, and are free to watch on our website and YouTube channel.

In our digital world, video has become the key tool for marketing, recruiting, networking, and thought leadership. BIJ.TV connects companies to a vast online network through professional and topical videos.

With videos ranging from corporate leader interviews to event coverage, there truly is something for everyone.

What makes your company unique?

  • BIJ.TV videos are professionally shot, edited, and produced to the highest standards. Each video is promoted in top business publications, on social media, and on our website and YouTube.
  • We coach interviewees before filming. Transcripts are available in English and Japanese, and we can also provide audio files from podcasts.

Why do clients choose your company?

  • We offer videos that remain effective for a long time and can be shared across multiple platforms.
  • We make it easy for companies and executives to deliver their message to both domestic and global audiences.
  • At BIJ.TV we are committed to quality for guaranteed client satisfaction.

What does a client get for their money?

Pre-shoot services

  • Planning, preparation and wardrobe advice

Day of shoot

  • Filming at a studio or on location
  • Media coaching
  • Make-up artist

Post-production work

  • Editing, graphics, stills, and subtitles


  • HD-quality video on DVD and in digital format
  • Bilingual transcripts
  • Promotion in print media and on BIJ.TV, YouTube and social media