Custom Media

We are an award-winning, bilingual, digital content-creation and communications agency helping global business prosper in Japan and abroad.

Custom Media is a place where creativity comes to life, where no two days are the same, and where clients come to reap the benefits of a diverse, talented, and professional team.

—Robert Heldt, President

Firm specialization

Award-winning media, design and market-entry / expansion agency specializing in innovative print and digital publishing: magazines * reports * marketing * websites * social media * apps * videos * other key corporate communications.

Why do clients choose your firm?

We aim to inspire and innovate digital and print solutions for clients to communicate and succeed.

Every project we undertake starts by consulting with clients to understand the core aspects of their business’ competition, challenges, and immediate marketing requirements. We then provide total services as required to fully exploit our clients’ marketing spend, boost productivity, and increase revenues and profit.

Who have you worked with?

Our clients include:

  • real estate developers
  • universities & colleges
  • consumer-goods makers
  • international airlines
  • luxury hotels
  • member organizations
  • government departments / bodies
  • NGOs / charities / fundraisers
  • financial institutions
  • experts in lobbying, advocacy, government relations