Dale Carnegie

Interactions are make or break points in business. Whether it’s getting a team behind the leader’s goals, gaining cooperation within a team, or making the sale, the human dimension is the critical factor. Dale Carnegie Training has been assisting firms in Japan, in English and Japanese, for the last 54 years.

Know the Book? You will love the course.

—Dr. Greg Story, president

Dale Carnegie pioneered corporate training. Businesses in 97 countries benefit from his breakthrough ideas, including 90% of Fortune 500 companies.


  • Team member engagement
  • Customer service
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Persuasion power
  • Human relations effectiveness
  • Leadership development
  • Process improvement
  • Presentation effectiveness
  • Stress management
  • Global employees

Why do clients choose your company?

Constant client feedback and refinement for 105 years have made us the choice for business solutions and organizational change. We have been assisting companies in Japan—in English and Japanese—for the past 53 years.