New CCCJ Members Autumn 2018


Name Mark Wang
Company Shopify

Previously based in Hong Kong, I came to Japan as the country manager for Shopify — the world’s leading e-commerce platform, which is proud to be headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. I have a background that includes financial services (Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase), development finance and early-stage investments across Southeast and East Asia. I’m eager to maintain close connections with Canada and be a part of the tight community that comes with our national identity and our various alumni networks, which is why I joined the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

Non-Resident Individual

Name Milo Ioughlissen
Company Bank of Montreal

A favourite part of my current role as commercial manager with the Bank of Montreal involves working with Japanese corporations in Canada. I hold an M.Sc. in financial risk analysis and come from a multidisciplinary background. That includes a successful exit from a startup in the OEM hardware space in Canada. I continue to be partnered in the beverage manufacturing market operating out of Algeria. I have worked extensively in Canada, France, Algeria and China. I would be truly happy to meet other members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, since I travel to Japan two or three times a year.


Name Benjamin Drinkwalter
Company BGIS KK

Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (BGIS) is a leading global provider of integrated real estate, facilities management, project management, professional services and workplace solutions. With a combined team of over 7,000 team members globally, we manage more than 30 million square metres across more than 30,000 locations in Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the wider Asia–Pacific region. In order to introduce ourselves to other Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan members and to find opportunities to establish and grow mutually beneficial business relationships, we are happy to be new members of the chamber.

Non-Resident Small Business

Name Dave Enright
Company Evergreen Outdoor Center

Hailing from West Vancouver, British Columbia, I grew up in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor region of British Columbia, where I gained my love for the mountains and sea. I combined my love of the outdoors and sports with a degree in outdoor recreation management. I also did two student exchanges in Japan, during which I acquired a firm grasp of the Japanese language and culture. Currently, I live with my wife Mariko and two children in the Japanese Northern Alps village of Hakuba, where I have been running the Evergreen Outdoor Center for close to 20 years.


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