New CCCJ Members Autumn 2019


Name Takashi Nagai
Company Managing Director, McCain Foods (Japan) Limited

We are well known for our delicious French fries, which we have been making for more than 60 years! And we’re proud of where we started in Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick — the French fry capital of the world. We would like to expand sales of “Made in Canada” products to the Japanese market through our business. We hope to establish a bond with the CCCJ in order to facilitate this.


Name Darren Menabney
Company Ricoh Co. Ltd.

Toronto is my hometown and, before moving to Tokyo in 2011, I worked for the federal government on business development and supporting the Canadian innovation ecosystem. Here in Tokyo I lead global HR initiatives for Ricoh Co. Ltd. and teach international MBA students at GLOBIS University’s Graduate School of Management. I joined the CCCJ to keep in touch with my fellow Canadians and for opportunities to build stronger social and business ties between our two countries.

Young Professionals

Name Jorge Escobedo
Company Apex K.K.

I moved to Japan from Calgary in 2015. I started out as an English teacher but eventually made my way into recruiting. I am currently working for Apex K.K. as a manager of the pharmaceutical recruiting team. Here’s a fun fact about Apex: we are probably the recruiting firm with the most Canadians in Japan — including the president and founder. I love rugby and usually play touch rugby on Sundays. I joined the CCCJ to meet other Canadians living in Japan.

Name Cameron Long
Company Goldman Sachs

I graduated in software engineering at the University of Victoria. I’ve been working in inventory management technology at Goldman Sachs. I joined the CCCJ with the aim of growing the mentorship program for high school and university students who are looking to develop a career in Japan and other countries.

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