New CCCJ Members
Autumn 2021


Jun Nagamine

I was born and raised in Tokyo. I had a chance to study in the United States, where I did my MBA. I came back to Japan to start my own practice in international taxation. Today, I run an accounting and taxation office in Tokyo. Almost of our clients are foreign — this includes, of course, Canadian companies and individuals. My memories of Canada: a few years ago I was impressed when I saw the northern lights in White Plains, Manitoba; my honeymoon drive a long time ago, from Vancouver to Calgary; and most of all, one of my best friends resides in Vancouver.

Hitomi Sakai

I’m an attorney with City-Yuwa Partners. I’m honoured to be a new member of the CCCJ. My expertise lies in international estate planning, general corporate affairs as well as labour and employment. One of the reasons I joined is because I have recently had more clients from Canada; but I also have many friends in Canada whom I love! I look forward to joining CCCJ events and seeing you face-to-face in the near future. 

Non-Kanto Individuals

Nozomi (Zoe) Smith

Hi everyone! I’m an estate lawyer practicing at Nakano Smith Law Group in Oakville, Ontario, where I help Japanese and Canadian families with a variety of Canada–Japan estate issues. Born and raised in Fukuoka, I moved to Canada in 2003 to attend the University of Toronto Law School. I’ve joined the CCCJ to expand my Canada–Japan network in Japan. I look forward to connecting with you personally and professionally. 

Genevieve Wheeler

 I hold a degree in political science and community and public affairs, a certificate in strategic workforce planning and have more than 15 years of airline experience. From 2004 to 2006, I was an English teacher and JET Programme Coordinator in Japan. I taught English at two high schools in Wakayama Prefecture. I also worked at the Wakayama board of education and helped coordinate the annual prefectural teaching seminars to promote TESOL knowledge sharing among JET participants and Japanese teachers. I participated in many Japanese cultural events and in after-school programs where I would promote various Canadian cultural traditions in both English and French. Being a member of the CCCJ will allow me to continue to be involved with promoting strong relationships between Canada and Japan. 

Young Professional

Feral Rizvi

Hi folks! I’m a third culture transmasculine kid, having grown up in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Canada and now Japan. I’m working in Tokyo as a program manager at a coding bootcamp called Code Chrysalis. In joining CCCJ, I’m curious to learn from people who have a deep enthusiasm for their work, and share back my more than eight years of learning in IT. On laidback days, I enjoy pottery, reading and photography. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.


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