New CCCJ Members
Winter 2022


Masao Kumori

I am a founder of KWBS Marketing and Trading Co., Ltd., a business growth consulting company, providing a range of practical services to help companies grow globally. For 23 years until May 2011, I worked for the UK government agency One North East. I graduated in marketing from the University of San Francisco in 1984. Given the increasing number of businesses with a Canadian connection in recent years, I decided to become a member of the CCCJ. My favourite memory of Canada is when I went back, including to Niagara Falls, to celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary. 


Adrien Caron

I was born in France, lived and worked in Australia, and have lived in Japan for almost 10 years now. I am currently in charge of business development and marketing strategy at RealCRO, a performance-oriented branding and creative marketing agency based in Tokyo. I decided to join the CCCJ network because we work with an amazing client from Canada and I believe that we can create reciprocal opportunities with CCCJ members.

Kayo Ito

I am a global IT professional at NTT who grew up in Saskatoon. I attended the University of Saskatchewan before escaping the cold winters to work in New York and now Tokyo. At NTT, I support our clients in adapting the latest technologies to help them transform their businesses. Recently, Canada has become very strong in technology and innovation, and I hope to learn more about these capabilities and help share technologies between Canada and Japan. I am very excited about joining the CCCJ and I look forward to getting to know everyone. 

Shailesh Shukla

Hi everyone, I’m a Canadian working in Tokyo as president of Reckitt Benckiser Japan, a multinational consumer goods company with global brands such as Lysol, Muse, Veet, Finish, and Mediqtto. I have lived in multiple countries but it is in Tokyo that I found this wonderful chamber, which I believe is one of the oldest in the Indo-Pacific. I hope to contribute to the CCCJ by enhancing Japan–Canada commerce and further strengthening ties between the peoples of Japan and Canada through CCCJ endeavours, events and outreach.

Non-Kanto Individuals


Max-Larsen Rabines

Salut Canadiennes, Canadiens et amis du Canada! Hello fellow Canadians and friends of Canada! It is an honour to be part of the CCCJ. Four years ago, I started consulting for a well-known Japanese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. From Montréal, we succeeded in developing strategic partnerships in Europe as well as Latin and North America. Currently, I believe the Canadian approach to energy can lead to a mutually rewarding partnership with Japan.

Young Professional

Mizuki Ode

Originally from Tokyo, I came back to my hometown after five years of enjoying the beautiful nature in Victoria, Calgary and Vancouver, and committing myself to studies at the University of Victoria. I now work for a sustainability consulting firm in Tokyo. I am excited about joining the CCCJ and I look forward to meeting inspiring members and expanding my connections amongst the Canadian community in Japan.

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