New CCCJ Members
Summer 2023

Andrew Hacker

I’m a Canadian lawyer who practiced corporate-commercial law in my hometown of Toronto before changing gears and coming to Japan in 1999 (Shizuoka JET). After some Japanese study programs in Kanazawa and Hakodate, I gradually returned to law, initially as a legal advisor in the international licensing department of Shogakukan and, since 2011, as a foreign associate at Hayabusa Asuka Law Offices. I also teach English to Japanese professionals. I joined the CCCJ to meet interesting people and expand my professional network.


    Chase Laursen
Sr. Director of Service, Asia Onshore, Vestas Wind Systems
Born in Canada and raised in northern British Columbia in a town of 12,000 people, I now have the
great opportunity to live and work in Japan after being based in various places in Asia over the past
seven years. I’m now a senior director of operations for Vestas Wind Systems, which handles maintenance activities at our wind farms throughout the Indo-Pacific Region. I joined the CCCJ to connect with
like-minded individuals in Japan and hope to create a strong network within the community.

Kentaro Nakajima
I was born in Canada and raised in Canada, the U.S. and Japan. After graduating from New York
University, I worked for a Japanese food company and am currently employed at an audit firm in
financial services and ESG advisory. I’m very excited to join the CCCJ and look forward to connecting
with you all!


Yasuyuki Suzuki
I am a lawyer licensed in Japan and New York. I previously lived and worked in Singapore, New York
and Hong Kong before obtaining my LL.M. I also worked at the Tokyo office of a UK bank on legal
and compliance matters. In my current office, Hayabusa Asuka Law Offices, I often serve companies
from abroad on business matters concerning M&A, finance transactions, intellectual property, etc. I
hope to meet as many people as possible through the CCCJ.



Cécile Albouys
After settling in Kanazawa in 2016, I will soon be calling Canada home again. With training in
international business, I’m passionate about languages and cultures. As a strategist, I help foreign
companies to better understand their target consumers in Japan. Before that, I handled export sales of
artisan-made Japanese F&B products. I became a CCCJ member to be part of the Canadian-Japanese






Arun (Ernie) Nagratha is a Canadian chartered professional accountant and managing director of
global mobility tax services for Trowbridge, a global accounting firm that specializes in helping
Canadian expats navigate the often complex world of international tax. As a former expat himself,
Ernie is passionate about providing solutions for clients and helping them stay compliant when living
or working abroad.

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