New Ground

The start of a new decade offers plenty to get you thinking about ways to improve — at work, at home and in the communities you hold closest.

Alec Jordan, Editor-in-Chief of The Canadian

With that in mind, we’re starting a new column that will run for the next several issues about how to use technology in ways that can help you on the job. 

Future in Focus

Innovation was at center stage for Québec in December, as Minister of Economy and Innovation Pierre Fitzgibbon visited Japan to promote the province’s industries. While in Tokyo, he spoke to more than 100 guests from the city’s business community at a luncheon and opened This is Québec, a showcase of the province’s impressive achievements in digital creativity.

After attending the inaugural Rio Tinto Aluminium Japan Sustainability Forum, I came away not only with a better understanding of how this versatile metal is being used in a dazzlingly wide variety of industries, but also its potential to contribute to societies being able to take greater care of their natural resources and manage to reduce their carbon footprints over the decades to come.

There were plenty of fascinating insights to be had about the connections between global commerce and politics that were shared by the participants in a panel discussion held by the Business Council of Canada.


In this issue, we also have an opportunity to learn about the progress that Canadian producers of hemp are making as they explore the Japanese market and face down the stigma that is associated with the crop. This country actually has a long history with hemp, and you can even find it in a spice mix that every Japanese supermarket carries.

If you spent time in Roppongi Hills towards the end of November and the beginning of December, you might have spotted the Poutinerie by Air Canada, which was serving up plenty of the tasty Canadian dish in quite a few varieties. We’ve got a few pictures to share of the pop-up shop, and some interesting details — including just how many poutines they sold.

And with that, here’s wishing the CCCJ a tremendously successful Maple Leaf Gala, and we’ll look forward to seeing you next issue.

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