Meet the New
CCCJ Leaders

At the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCCJ) 2021 annual general meeting, four first-time appointees to the Board of Governors were announced. We invited them to introduce themselves and explain how they plan to support the CCCJ and its members.

Stephen R. Nagy

It’s a great privilege to join the CCCJ Board of Governors. It provides me the opportunity to contribute to the CCCJ by work­ing with a great team of stake­­holders in Japan and the Indo-Pacific region.  

Originally from Calgary, I have studied, lived and worked in Japan and Hong Kong as a professor of international relations and a politi­cal risk consultant. As a CCCJ governor, I have three initiatives that I would like to spearhead:  

  • Help lead a political risk series to help Canadian firms negotiate Japan and the Indo-Pacific.
  • Support the creation of a joint Indo-Pacific Chamber of Commerce. Connecting cham­bers in the Indo-Pacific region would help Canadian businesses fami­liarize themselves with trends, opportunities and challenges in the region.
  • Create a Pitch Club, to support Canadian businesses in refining their business engagement and increasing profits in Japan and the Indo-Pacific region. 

I look forward to working for the CCCJ by bridging scholarship, policy and public intellectualism. 

Seiji Omote

I am honoured to be joining the CCCJ Board of Governors. For 44 years, I have been connected with the Canadian forestry indus­try, selling its products to Japanese construction companies. 

I joined the CCCJ about 30 years ago as a corporate member, but not an active member. In March 2013, I joined the Honorary Board of Advisors (HBA) with the support of Wilf Wakely. This opened my eyes, and I started associating with other CCCJ members and going to events. 

Japan and Canada have main­tai­ned an excellent relationship and I believe the CCCJ can make it even better by providing networking opportunities for corporates as well as individuals. The chamber also has good networks with other countries’ chambers of commerce, which should open up opportu­ni­ties globally. 

In order to make this organiza­tion more active and progressive, the CCCJ should raise its visibility through events and expand its mem­bership. I would like to pursue those objectives through closer communication with my fellow governors and HBA members. 


Dear CCCJ members,

Nicolas Chow Chin Sung

I am hon­ou­red to have been elected to the Board of Governors! I grew up in Montréal, where I earned my degree in mecha­tronics engineering, and later joined the McGill PMBA program. In 2018, I moved to Tokyo, where I became the first McGill MBA student to make the tran­si­tion from the Montréal to the Tokyo campus. I graduated from the program in 2019, and this is what brought me to the CCCJ. 

I helped found the CCCJ Emerging Technologies Com­mit­tee, to explore how technology can help transform businesses. In my role as head of engineering at Telexistence, I live on the cutting edge of technology. 

I hope to be able to share deve­lop­ments with our com­mu­nity, create engaging opportunities for collaboration and transform inno­va­tive ideas into a variety of real-life applications. 

My other main focus will be to increase member engagement and bring more young professionals to the chamber. With my connections to networks across Canada and Japan, I aim to bring a breath of new life to the chamber.

Akira Yamaguchi

My parents are Japanese, but I was born and raised in France. I lived in Montréal for 11 years before com­ing to Japan in October 2020.  

I joined Investissement Québec International this April as the next representative in Japan dedicated to attracting Japanese investment to the province of Québec. I am based at the Québec Government Office in Tokyo, which is led by my fellow governor David Brulotte.  

I have over 15 years of expe­rien­ce in international business development in France, Québec and Japan and close to a decade of experience as an independent consultant. It’s been less than a year since my new life in Japan began, and it is an honour to have been elected as one of your new gover­nors. Though my roots are 100 per cent Japanese, and since I was little I have made several trips within Japan, this is the first time I have resided in Tokyo. This marks a full circle in my life journey, and every event is a discovery. 

As a new governor, I look for­ward to continuing to support CCCJ members and the Japan–Canada busi­ness community, and learn and grow by connecting with you all.