New CCCJ Members Spring 2018


Name Matthew Nicholson
Company SoftBank Group
I’m from Revelstoke, British Columbia, and have been working in Japan for the past 20 years or so in the communications field, and currently I work at the SoftBank Group. I joined the CCCJ to stay on top of what Canadian businesses are doing in Japan and to be connected to an exciting community!


Name Nobuyuki Ishii
I lived in Vancouver, Banff, Toronto, Québec and Montréal for about 33 years, before returning to Japan in October 2014. Since retiring, I have continued to work on cultural exchanges between Japan and Canada. I would like to continue to promote both countries as much as possible with fellow CCCJ members.


Name Ayana Nezu
Company Coto Japanese Club
I work as a coordinator at a Japanese language school in Azabu-Juban. I joined the CCCJ mainly because I’m interested in businesses that will help the global growth of Japan. I would also like to meet new people to broaden my horizons.


Non-resident Corporate

Name John Baker
Company Ontario Cattle Feeders Association
Ontario Corn Fed Beef is produced on family farms in the province of Ontario. Our mandatory on-farm Quality Assurance Program ensures that our certified beef farmers follow a high standard of wholesome feeding and farm management practices. We look forward to working with our Japanese distribution partners as well as our partners in industry and government, and now with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, to continue to grow in this important market.


Small Business

Name Machiko Asai
Company A&People
We are joining the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan to network and exchange ideas on business opportunities and management. As a translation and interpretation service provider, we have expertise in Japanese–English business communication that, we believe, would be of tremendous benefit to the chamber and its constituents.


Name John McMahon
Company UrbanStar Capital
I am very thankful for the opportunity to join the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan. We at UrbanStar Capital really want to put our best foot forward and build relationships with not only our Japanese business partners, but the business community in general. The chamber represents a great conduit for building both social and business relationships.


Name Jonathan So
Company Brew La La
I was born and raised in Toronto, and moved to Tokyo last year to open a craft beer bar in Shimbashi called Brew La La. I look forward to meeting more fellow Canadians in the city and joining some CCCJ events!


Name Markus Gfeller
Company G&S Japan K.K.
We are joining the chamber mainly because we want to support Canadian companies in Japan with executive search services. As an originally Swiss-based corporate consultancy firm, specializing in the Asian Market for mainly Swiss, German and Austrian small-to-medium sized enterprises, we feel that we might be beneficial to members. I served as a vice president of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Japan for four years, so believe I can contribute to your chamber in different ways.

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