New CCCJ Members
Autumn 2020


The Government of Saskatchewan

We are pleased to be opening a new Trade and Investment Office in Tokyo in 2021. The office and its participation in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCCJ) will help to strengthen relationships with partners in Japan. We look forward to expanding Saskatchewan’s presence in Japan and making valuable connections with its business community through the chamber.

The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon

EDITION is an unexpected and refreshing collection of individualized, one-of-a-kind hotels. Displaying the best of dining and entertainment, services and amenities all under one roof, The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon is a luxury lifestyle hotel showcasing a completely unique concept and an oasis of sophis­tication in Japan. The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon is proud to partner with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan. We have strong ties to Canada through parent company Marriott International, with more than 260 Marriott hotels located throughout the country.


Jennifer Yphantides

Hello everyone! I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and I have lived in Tokyo with my husband and two boys since 2004. I serve as a tenure-track faculty member in the department of International Liberal Arts at Soka University. I have been working in the field of education since 1993 and I have taught in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Right before coming to Japan, I worked on government-funded peace projects affiliated with the University of Haifa, which focused on the promotion of tolerance of ethnic and religious diversity in the region and on the inclusion of people with disabilities in mainstream classrooms.


Yukari Carrie Horiguchi

I’m currently the CEO of CPI Inc., a company that provides training in the areas of presentation and management skills. Our clients include NEC, Saizeriya, Volvo, Toyota, Fox Japan, Showa Shell and Google. I grew up in Toronto and consider myself to be a Canadian at heart. I would like to participate in CCCJ activities in order to help bring Canadian companies to Japan and promote Japanese companies in Canada.

Yeji Olivia Jeung

I am originally from Boston—close enough to Canada—and I have been living in Tokyo for about 15 years. I am working for AoyamaTreehouse, a newly opened membership-based facility, as a corporate sales director. I joined the CCCJ on behalf of my company because they believe my character suits Canada. I’ve been playing hockey since I was a kid, and I am a big fan of the Edmonton Oilers. I play hockey twice a week in Tokyo and Yokohama. I am looking forward to meeting CCCJ members and possibly welcoming you to AoyamaTreehouse for events and dinners!

McGill Japan MBA Student

Njeri Gachago

Seven months ago, my family and I moved to Japan from the United States, where I was a senior manager of strategic initiatives at The Home Depot. I thoroughly enjoy leading teams that execute strategic projects and use data to drive decisions. I hope to find the perfect place to contribute in Tokyo. I joined the CCCJ as a member of McGill’s incoming MBA class, and look forward to making new, lasting connections.


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