Our latest issue finds us with a new set of interesting glimpses into the many links that bring Canada and Japan together. 

Alec Jordan, Editor-in-Chief of The Canadian

I found it fascinating to learn so much about Saskatchewan, with its impressive contributions to the global economy, particularly in the form of what Premier Scott Moe calls the three Fs. Read on to find out what they are. I’m certain that the Saskatchewan Japan Office, headed by Paul Pryce, will do an excellent job of deepening and developing connections between the province and this country.


There was plenty to digest at the Foodex trade show, which marked its return this year after taking a hiatus in 2020. Although travel restrictions meant that Canadian exhibitors couldn’t make the trip, many of them had support from partners here, who found ample opportunity to make contacts and develop new business.

On a geopolitical level, one of the keenest areas of interest these days is the Indo-Pacific. Developments there are high in the minds of political, business and military leaders around the world. During a recent webinar, academics together with policy experts from both sides of the Pacific shared their views on current and future bilateral policies to maintain a free, open Indo-Pacific region.


As we learn from our profile of news media entrepreneur Khaled Iwamura, sharp, detailed reporting about what’s going on in your immediate area can be exactly what your audience is looking for. Moreover, the Mississauga, Ontario-based Iwamura found an opportunity to connect with his Japanese roots through Japan Festival Canada, which launched in 2016, and has grown to become the largest Japanese cultural festival in North America.

We were happy to be able to catch up with Lowell Sheppard, as well as even get a scoop on his latest plans for the coming year, as he continues to prepare for his solo journey across the Pacific. His upcoming endeavours are enviable and inspiring.

And we spoke with Shane Busato, a Toronto native who serves as head of the communications team at Tokyo American Club. In our conversation with him, we discover some of the connections that the Club has with the Canadian community here, and learn about a major milestone that the Club has just marked.

Thank you as always for your continued readership, and until our next issue, take care, stay safe and enjoy the summer.

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