New CCCJ Members Autumn 2017


Name Gordon Hatton
Company Pembroke Real Estate
I have been to various CCCJ events as a guest in the past, but feel membership will give me the chance to increase the opportunities to get involved in the Japan–Canada community.


Name Donovan Gordon
Company Elites First
I work closely with business/company owners, assisting them with acquiring high-level clients. I decided to join the chamber to form closer bonds with Canadian and Japanese people and since the chamber has many owners, I thought I would fit right in.


Name Annamarie Sasagawa
Company Kao Corporation
My job involves helping people communicate with diverse stakeholders and learning to see diversity as strength. I joined the CCCJ to get back in touch with my Canadian roots and hopefully make some connections and insights that will help me in my day job!


Name F. Sigmund Topor
Company Adjunct Lecturer at range of universities in Tokyo.
Full-time occupation is research in culture, education and ethics.
Working with researchers from around the world means it is necessary for me to stay up-to-date on Canadian national cultural values that underlie the country’s commercial and industrial distinctiveness. One of the best way of achieving this was to join the CCCJ.

Non-resident Corporate

Name Keith Schelin
Company COREBiz llc
I have lived in Japan for more than 25 years as a business owner, and for past decade have worked with small- and medium-sized business owners in the San Francisco Bay area as a business coach, exit planner and peer advisory board facilitator. I want to bring that business acumen back to Japan and work with SME owners who are members of the CCCJ.

Non-resident Individuals

Name Sylvain Leclerc
Company Sylvain Leclerc Media
I am currently working on a Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games-related project, and my aim is to educate and raise awareness inside business communities in Tokyo, which is why I joined the CCCJ. I want to find out how we can better understand the games, the movement, the partners and the numerous opportunities on offer.


Name Daniel Aitchison
Company Recently retired from Citibank
After a 35-year career in the financial industry, I am interested in contributing time to expanding the success of the association. In addition, I want to explore opportunities for my next stage of life and hope to find a helpful network through the chamber.

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