In Summary 2023

Robb Shannon

No Ordinary Boy

A Summit Like No Other

Translating Japanese Literature in the Age of AI

Playing Around



New CCCJ Members Summer 2023

Letter from the Chair Summer 2023

The Yes Woman

Curative Powers

Master Chief

In Summary Spring 2023

Member Moment Spring 2023

Playwrite Toshiki Okada and the “New Noh”

Maple Tech

Much More Than a Boss

New Members Spring 2023

A Natural Progression

Table Stakes

Broadening Our Reach

Prairie Powerhouse

A Cool Head

A Canadian in Kyoto

A Far Cast

Letter from the Chair 2023

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan welcomes our new members

Seiji Omote

Japanese Summary

New CCCJ Members

Fri McWilliams

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Mister Plus Alpha

Vast Potential

September Monthly Mixer

The Healing Arts

HBA + BoG Gathering (September 13)

Tokyo to Host Japan’s First Deaflympics in 2025

Japan’s Biggest Minimum Wage Increase

Brain Trust

Cirque du Soleil Returns to Japan After Five Years

Respected and Embraced

Chamber View

Leader and Canada-Japan Bridge-Builder

A Running Start

Lost Axe

Real Plus Virtual

Cultural Springboard

Sage Advice

Letter from the Chair

New CCCJ Members Summer 2022

Dwayne Grech

Spring Golf Scramble

Mentoring Event Second Round

Upper House Sets Female Representation Record

FIFA 2026 Coming to Canada

Pope Visits Canada to Appease Indigenous Community

Mitsubishi Corporation—Activity in Canada